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Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 July - The Khazaks & the wives (partial)

from now on anything that says 'partial' means that I haven't finished writing it but that if I sit on it forever, you'll think this blog is defunct so am publishing and later on will amend

Somewhere near Henley where I. has rented a house near g/friend E's family as shes about a week from dropping second child. The gathering includes her father who being not much older than me since E. is only 25 odd, I mistake for a handsome man I could add to the pot of ones to match to g/friends and his 2 brothers, not as handsome as but fine men.

the mother with alzheimer, the other mother and the choice of names for little boy to come 'my first son'. I hate men when they get so proprietorial about the sex of their child. Like my first son is more important than my first daughter.

and dom's bbq and the stoned Arabs?


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