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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3 July - Mad Women & Babies

You may remember a little saga that I keep up with since it involves the not yet ex husband of a mate of mine who still lives with him as they're very good friends? Said man is the one who's had the g/friend who for years has also been in his tribute band (he plays, she sings) and also had the Thai g/friend who he finally brough over and for a while entertained the idea he could have multiple mormon style wives? I am sure you can see many flaws in his reasoning but because he likes to smoke pot, he can't see them.

So TG got pregnant last year and the other one had many run ins, tears and so on, since she has the key to his house because that's where tribute band costumes and equipment are kept and that is where she goes and does the laundry for said costumes. Naturally she has slapped TG a couple of times and/or viceversa and they have traded insults via texts for months.

Finally Thai baby was born. My friend, the wife, has taken to him immediately and has been busy being helpful to husband's mum and sister who came to live in the house to help, since TG is hardly integrated yet and her English not good enough to read the back of washing powder packets and instruction on how to wash baby clothes etc.

But you can predict what's coming.. (and was indeed one of my first remarks in email to the wife) . "Better change those locks as surely original g/friend is just biding her time".

So I got an email informing me that OG let herself into the house of one evening and hit TG round the head whilst she was breastfeeding the tiny tiny creature. And tk god she stopped there.

I blame him. Not sure what he's planning to do re. changing the locks since he still needs OG for a while in the band as shows to play in far away countries where tickets for fligths have been bought in her name and not exchangeable. Though frankly money should be the least of issues...


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