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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4 July - War & Independence - partial

from now on anything that says 'partial' means that I haven't finished writing it but that if I sit on it forever, you'll think this blog is defunct so am publishing and later on will amend.

The run from the garden party on Saturday at old barrister with the young g/friend and major tiff thereafter, I just fancied seeing how long it would take Toph to notice I had vanished since i was clearly bored and he was busy regaling someone's tits with stories I've heard before.

So I went for walkies in Kensington and then to the Cobden for Gaz's 30 years (predictably full of old people) and CS told me a story about the father's brother top communist back home in Poland and the pressure exercised on him in London to go back and to spy on his bro. No wonder father hated the whole thing and CS never learnt any Polish at home.

Then resolved tiff over repotting of giant monster hebe plant that would not come out of original pot. Interestingly it was Toph who said the first words as I sat immune to feeling I had to apologise and read the paper

Then Toph tells me re the j's 40th .... and am incensed on his behalf.


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