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Thursday, July 01, 2010

2 July - Rowing & Walking

My good friend R has passed her exam to become a City of London guide which she will do in spare time since she has a job. Very proud of her. Tonight she's taking for a walk my friends M&H and M's 13 year old son and two of his schoolmates. I can't go witness her first cash in hand debut as am stuck on a work do, which involves rowing in a ten/twelve people boat on a lock in Docklands. We're picked at random and sorted into 4 teams and wouldn't you know it, am in the team that consistently loses 3 times and therefore doesn't have to go head to head for the final. So far, so very World Cup and the team which wins contains 3 Germans. Predictable perhaps.

What's even more World Cup like is that my losing team blames mostly our coach. The team who won had the other coach and ours is deemed to have been more into comedy than driving us hard. In other words it's his style which let us down. I refrain from saying that since I was sat at the very far back every time and therefore with a good view of the guys in front, I could tell they were not rowing as we had been told to. My girlie partner was also a bit crap and I was a bit crap though at least I called out the required 'one/two' very loudly indeed.

I go join the walking tour at the restaurant by St Paul's and all are happy. Am fascinated by J who I've not seen for a few months and is now a couple of inches taller than me, and his two equally lovely mates. These Swedish boys speak perfect English. How come the rest of Europe can't be taught in same way at school? Toph says it's because they watch British TV, but that can't be all. J. usually visits his dad on his own and consequently gets a bit bored during our dinners but this time they're in cahoots and run out to play/talk whilst we drink our wine. I demand my portion of ruffling J's hair and then let him go.

We carry on chatting and dad and g/friend let it slip they've put some footage of their lovemaking on the internet. Am not curious to see it. They also say they've showed it to a couple of friends and the woman was enamoured with H. (who's furiously blushing) and well, they're all going to be on holiday together in Spain soon. Oh dear. Easy on the Rioja is all I can recommend.


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