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Thursday, July 01, 2010

28 June - Books & Business

Afternoon with published author friend who is not happy with advance being offered for second novel. Truly not much for what will become all in all three years of toil. Thing is, when first one was much touted, she was correctly advised to refuse a two book deal and only sign for first one.
First one came out in many countries but was not runaway success though has nearly recouped advance (and presumably can carry on recouping for years, especially if second one is more successfull and throws new fans back on the trail of first one). So you can well undertand balance of power is with publisher and how my friend does not feel as courted and lusted after as three summers ago. It's not done in the book business to punt novel to other publishers whilst current one is considering and has offered. So quaint. She rather prefers to remain with current as is creme de la creme.

I offer encouragement whilst commiserating on the way this form of rejection must make her feel. Take the amount and hopefully eclipse it in sales and get your returns later. But once again I see how hard it is to make a living in that industry and how they all have to write reviews, maybe teach and so on. She's naturally cautious with money and doesn't relish the prospect of this state of affairs having to carry on. The much touted buying of rights to film first novel also resulted in no green light. or Money. So we go eat lunch on the street at Moroccan fish and she is happy, declaring that her father would love it and he's a grandee! We love her dad. We walk back and she buys us icecream. Then we idle till it's time for her to go meet friends in Holland Park and for us to go spend the night in Fulham at friend's house. Her hubby is away and the various bedrooms feel like a boutique hotel so why not wake up and then go wander in Kings Rd for a change.


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