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Thursday, June 16, 2011

17 June - Time & Black holes

I don’t know where time goes says a friend I contacted for a catch up and who gave me a few details of where he's been and where he has to travel to etc. I replied thus …

one of my theories is that in previous decades you always meet your mates in largish groups. That a) means you spend less time doing 1 to 1’s with various mates and b) because the largish group has done the same fun/activity together, it means you then have to spend less time telling your mates what you did/where/how/with whom, because they WERE THERE with you, woke up with you the day after, reminisced and processed on the train back, that sort of thing. This on the whole has got to have saved us hours on end at least on the social side of life. And now we only do 1 to 1's because nobody wants to meet in large groups and nobody shares their house with other friends anymore so each 1 to 1 requires a trip to some other part of Landaan.

On the other hand, in the current decade, I give much less time to listening to friends’ dramas. Or put it another way, friends have become older friends and they process their dramas better ie they don’t require you to stay on the phone for hours whilst they cry over the recent split or work issue and also since you’ve only kept your good and therefore few old friends, you know all the variables in the drama so you ‘save’ time in counselling. Any 25 to 39 need not apply.
You’d think these two time consuming and time savings things sort of cancel themselves out but somehow you still have no time! howzthat?



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