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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

8 June - Planet & Apes

The fortchoming prequel is directed by bro of friend. Only met him once but liked him and his first movie , prison drama with Jo Fiennes and Brian Cox. Very much. Shame don't know him directly so can't have observed any shift in personality from London life to USA jobbing director existance now married to american scriptwriter, and dealing with humongous budget which would make you vomit every night with fear of cocking it up.
dinner with sister but we talk about other stuff including her husbands' novels which at the moment sadly are not selling too well and those of close good friend of theirs Charles Cumming who's selling like hotcakes. I've met him at recent chess tournament Toph attended (a once in every few years occasion but he didn't lose till 3rd or 4th game and first defeated writer Alex Bellos who is very into numbers and maths). CC is quite attractive and on his website (look, I cyberstalk anyone I come into contact with, helps retain info about them if I see it written down and so can flatter them later on, who doesn't like it?) he has a short vid of him talking to Dominic West who must have been at Eton same time? Lucky for me I have no children so don't have to grapple with conscience to send them to one of the top 3 or 4 schools. Judging on my far removed from government sphere of friends, it would still appear that most of the high achievers in anything are old Etonians and the likes.

So naturally I had to order one of CC's novels as otherwise would be rude not to. I picked the one about spies in HK. The first 50 pages or so give no indication that this will be better quality than any other spy book I have tried to read over the years. I will have to take this on holiday to a beach in order to finish it. Simply doesn't come natural to me to spend time reading this style, but I undertand it's a very lucrative shelf. It seems I know more spy writers (3 in fac) than I know airline pilots (0) or doctors (1). You have to admit this is an odd spec. Ok when I say 'know' it means 'know very little', but still, how many do you know?
btw Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer looks fab. Will go see. At least to keep up with CGI advancements now that I also know K. who does this sort of thing for one of the leading companies and worked on the first Harry Potter (no doubt together with a zillion others).


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