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Thursday, July 21, 2011

16 July - Just Murdochs

I don't twitter so here's my 2p. Just LOVE IT.
Am more fascinated by repercussion on business/boards/pension funds etc than anything else. I wish I could be more indignant about phone hacking but I sort of ... don't feel it. Wish they dealt in this way with overstepping the mark businessmen and politicos and police in countries like Italy where phone interceptions were/are the norm and it's a free for all of machiavellian twists and turns for entrepreneurs, entertainment people and politicians. Berlusconi is more of a crim than Mordor Snr will ever be I think but does he get short shrift from any legal/parliament thingy? No, so there. hope my blog doesn't get taken down by saying B is a crim. Ok, not charged yet so am I libelling? who knows.
A good friend in the music biz once worked for James, remember he had a hip hop label called Rawkus and also owned the label which housed Garbage and Ash etc. I mean are thos bands supposed to say 'oh my god I'm tarnished?'
A good friend in the newspaper biz worked near Rebekah Wade.
A good friend in entertainment goes to Elisabeth's garden parties
However no good friends have crossed paths with Wendy M. Am waiting for my six degrees of separation to throw up one.
Oh and MP scourge of the M's , Louise Mensch is married to the manager of Metallica. How does that one work? He's ugly and rich and lives in NY? Oh wait they met years ago when she was working in music industry and she seems to describe their affair in one of her chick-lit novels. Sigh...I have friends who've had affairs for years and am always counselling 'If he hasn't left the wife yet for you... he never will' but sometimes they do. Wish there were proper statistics on this...


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