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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

22 June - Net & Tracking

If it's true that google and the rest totally offer us searches tailormade to our profile (based on what we've searched for previously and comments left here and there by the twitterers and Fbookers) then I believe that today I must have skewered their readings of little old moi.

Sure I was listening to Soundcloud as I often do and electronic stuff, not hard rock naturellement or C&W, so there's a major feature of me they know already like... am not very introspective or lacrymose... but at the sime time as was listening I was reading stats on correction facilities in Oklahoma, that's prisons for us Brits. I opened most tabs because I couldn't believe such detail existed. Am sure that if I ever opened the page for NY state or California, the option to look up their prison and escapees info would not be on the actual home/front page. But in Oklahoma it is! Was I looking for a foreign death row penpal? No sir... no such desires, I leave those to the ones who like unfullfilled relatinships but a friend is shortly to arrive on those shores to film a docu on John Steinbeck (whose various novels /plays are set in that state or maybe I am thinking Ohio?) and I realised I don't know what the capital of Okla is (or Ohio for that matter, no wait.. with a bit of effort the Ohio one will come to me... no.. am thinking Portland, Oregon right now.. one 'O' in 3... not good. I also can't quite place those 3 on a map of the USA though think middle and west for the latter.

And did you know that Steinbeck never wrote anything else (I mean published) after he was given the Nobel prize? Poor guy was criticised so much when he won that he lost his mojo. Which reminds me was with two 40 something Americans last week, they work in creative media/film effects and the mention of Steinbeck didn't really register...One of them is from Lousiana, the other I don't recall. I explained who Steinbeck was, named some titles, said him and Faulkner blah blah. Nope. Then again, Toph is reading some famous guy (who covers some Steinbeckian themes) called Vollman and I had never ever heard of him. Quite influential I believe he is. Though at 1500 pages I don't think I can/want to know.

Doh, looked it up.. it's Oklahoma City. Bit boring, hence would have never got to it..... and wow, it's native indian country. Spent happy half hour clicking on town names that are just so exotic. Recognise Tulsa. And Route 66 goes through it. Guess if you were into americana you'd know but am curiously not interested. Real big, empty country. That would be the entry point obstacle for me. I like it busy.



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