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Thursday, July 21, 2011

18 July - Tree of Life

my 'review' is that I'd have shortened by a good 40 mins. 20 mins on the origins of the planet and 20 mins at home with Pitt and his boys. But I was in a good mood and with friend H. who's going to write a blog for Huffington Post (yay!) and since am not 25 I could see what he was trying to tell us over and over again. Didn't find the message too christian, thought accepting death as part of nature is a central tenet of buddhism as well and have always had a very que sera sera attitude to it. No idea if i'd shatter into how many pieces if nearest and dearest died before acceptable time on earth, but my guess is that I'd feel what I think... there' no rhyme or reason to being born or dying so... er... it was good to know ya all.
Secondly, it never occurs to me to look up at the top of the trees or the shafts of light they let through (I don't go through forests that often) so watching it on screen is kinda cool. I actually don't look up much come to think of it. Was Toph who had to constantly draw my attention to top of spires and so on in places like Oxford/Cambridge. I do like the mountains though so maybe each to his own. Malick likes top of trees and I like Mont Blanc?


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