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Monday, August 15, 2011

4 August - Ships & Night

I couuld have planned this a bit better but...it will do the boy some good. Toph is about to return from a trip to the outer edges of america, actually the opposite, some land locked state like Oklahoma, and just as he lands I will have flown to an island in the Med. Nothing like missing a lover for a few days heh and at this rate of body decay it's best if he sees me with a bit of a tan. A mild one of course, nobody goes frying anymore.
Only the other day I caught a look at the back of my thighs and despaired. So I went to have a treatment that promises to smooth out the ridges. It sort of does, but I can't work out the science yet, I simply don't believe in anything that promises to melt fat under your skin till it gets handily elmininated through your blood system, sweating or whatever. The whoman who has the machine is a chatty Asian woman who used to sell advertising for a business sort of yellow pages back in the days before internet. She's a mine of info on markteting things and sales margins. Did you know that those groupons vultures take 25% or 40% off the ultimate provider of the service? I fail to see what the provider gets if all you have is a stream of new clients but you manage to convert only one in 50 into a long term one. Her son used to be a top perfume seller for Tom Ford and she explained some of his sales tacticos which I don't have time to tell you about here but let's just say some people can be persuaded to buy a bottle for every hour of the day, all their friends and lovers and so on.
She's also developing some serum as she doesn't like being a salesman for Mourad facials and so on. Again, fascinating what the margins are on face creams.
Her premises back onto a fantastic residential complex in Islington where some uber advertising guy lives. I'll report back when i find out who he is. Am sure she's learning stuff from him and it will be my hard task to resist being sold more treatments. Though next week am seeing her 'doctor' on the premises. mmmh i have to be strong. Need my cash for trips not fillers.



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