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Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 October - Packing & Lovers

Sometimes this blog has to host just stuff that i need to record to remind me of this or that since I have not kept a paper diary for decades. So if you're occasional reader don't worry if you get lost in this, it's not for ya.

hi M how are you? back tomorrow i think we'll meet up soon, am on the countdown to leaving on 3rd November
am copying here an email i sent to a g/friend or two earlier. you'll.... 'get it' since you know the main character..

here's a story from today.
DY comes round to say hi/bye (she's my car boot pal, known her for ages but i guess good mates in last ten years, we like her boyf (now hubby S.),been to the house a few times, dinners, spent w/end there, missed the wedding though 2 years ago, etc - she works in music biz mostly events now for commercial clients, radio shows, Olympics that kind of thing but used to manage bands , in fact still does. We talk about a lot but don't go that deep usually, you just don't these days.

She comes in and i say 'god, i have so much to do and instead of packing I've just spent twenty minutes hooking up the cassette player because i found a tape from when me and ex lover used to record our conversations after sex/during sex and so on and I just had to listen , er... did you do that too?'

she says actually no, i don't record myself having sex conversation but who's the lover?
i say an ex, from many years ago, and the name escapes my lips and as it's C. ie not your regular Paul/John/mike/David... she says...

'oh... that's another thing me and you have in common then...'

are you up from the floor yet???????????????????????

I said 'OMYG, let's check dates, i surely hope we were not on the same years'

we aren't.. she was way after me , around 8 years ago, lasted 2 years!!! and ended just before she got with St. she knew C. through work of course.

but that puts paid to thinking our C. had broken his marriage vows only with me to start with and some other after but ehm, yeah, serial ...

I'll tell you when i see you but his modus operandi seems to be the same , girl friend in crisis, who's been confiding in him about probs and the shoulder to rest on turns to sex. but D. older and wiser than me at time of affair, and not same level of passion so not as cut up as i was when it ended, but still, it so happens that i was putting away a box of his memorabilia/stuff and said hey ,but did he use to write entire diaries for you like this one here for example, or make compilation tapes for you with meaningful songs/titles, she said ha hah, CDs' darling in my years and yes, you know enough similarities of communication.

she thinks last time she had a coffee with him was 4 years ago. she's threatening to ask him to go have another soon and i should turn up. well, we won't do that but it's just too bizarre for words!!!!! and yes C's wife still has ME, which D says (clinical psychologist friend of hers told her) has some root in depression and poor jenny in the big house 3 hours from civilization with the kids, whilst he gallivants around with bands and does what he wants day in /day out, is well, yeah, she can't have been a happy bunny to start with.

it's just .. weird. but not painful of course, i ended my thing with him in 95 or 96 i think ...
what a day!


reply from M.

Highly amusing reading this. What a sleazy little fellow! I remember the name DY, although I never met her. He was often talking about his 'friend' D. and he even managed to persuade me to let her have some heavily discounted studio time at my recording studio for a band she was managing. She actually turned out to be a right pain in the butt (between me and you) and ran off without even paying the heavily discounted price, which caused me problems with my studio managers. I did suspect this D. 'friend' was more than that though. Funny enough, he gave her a real slagging when she ran off without paying so without this 'breakdown' he claimed she as having coincided with the end of their affair I don't know.

So yes, I can see the pattern clearly and it certainly makes sense at the moment as there is another woman, who I've actually met a couple of times, now in the picture. She's probably late 30's - early 40's, dark, very pretty, petite and just a 'friend' who also happens to be having 'relationship troubles'. I had my doubts of course but after reading your e-mail I have none. Not sure why I should have had any doubts at all really but then again he does manage to carry out these affairs with such incredible secrecy most of the time (as you well know) and maintains air tight compartments between the different aspects of his life, so it is very hard for people in one 'container' to see into another one. He should have worked for MI5!

Poor wife doesn't even have the kids to keep her company these days as they have left home (well one has gone severely of the rails and lives in a bedsit somewhere) so it must seem a very large and empty house to be rattling around in if your husband is off gallivanting around. I had hoped he had stopped all this behaviour but sadly it seems not.



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